The Ear Training Program - Early Access

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The Ear Training Program consists of over one-hundred interactive modules of online ear training software and instructional videos. The early access version comes with the first thirteen chapters, but once the other seven chapters are added you will receive them free of charge. Here are all the sections, the ones in bold are currently included:

Section 1: Pitch  Section 11: Melodic Dictation
Section 2: Intervals  Section 12: Modal Harmony
Section 3: Triads  Section 13: Bitonal Harmony
Section 4: Sevenths  Section 14: Reharmonization
Section 5: Tonal Progressions  Section 15: Polyrhythm
Section 6: Secondary Chords  Section 16: Odd Meter
Section 7: Extended Chords  Section 17: Polychords
Section 8: Rhythm  Section 18: Twelve Tone Harmony
Section 9: Scales  Section 19: Inner Note Hearing
Section 10: Modal Voicings  Section 20: Clusters


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After purchasing you will be sent a license code to your email. Using that you will be able to sign up on the platform. More detailed instructions will be found in the email.